1. geek-art:


    Incredible paintings by Simon Stalenhag. More details here 


    (via rene-art)

  2. tweed-eyes:

    Ray Morimura

  4. caitlynkurilich:

    The Thurifer, Owler, The Palace Guard, The Archer, & Gwyn | Graphite on Moleskine, 12” x 16 1/2”, 2013.

    A collection of various ladyknights and wanderers I’ve drawn.

  6. kekai-k:

    Some digital paint of sketches I did over the MB Workshop in LA this past weekend

  7. nesskain:

    some old drawing from observation, for those I took my time. I wish I have time to do more of these.

    (via killallskellys)

  8. vlynx:

    Illustrations by Nicolas Delort

  9. sterlinghundley:

    Pageantry and Cadence
    from Sterling Clinton Hundley. 2013, 3’ x 4’, Oil on panel. This work is a continuation of The Spoils of Saint Hubrisseries and will be exhibited at Art Aqua in Miami, along with other works by Hundley in December of 2013. Sterling Clinton Hundley is currently represented by Ghostprint Gallery, in Richmond, VA, and by Blankspace Gallery in Oslo, Norway. Inquiries: sterling@sterlinghundley.com

  10. annadittmann:


    In the middle of finals, but my lovely new venus fly trap was tempting me to draw it. Procrastination prevails again!

    Prints available here [link]!