3. wryer:

    Girl With Moth

    Boy With Moth

  4. cyanparade:

    several months ago, a pair of very cute couple requested me to draw them some illustrations for their wedding CD songs compilation, so I made these for them.
    It was really a great surprise!   

    It was quite fun! I would like to draw more illustrations like these in the future.

    (via sarlis)

  5. saltwort:

    finished up what I was working on in the stream

  6. seventypercentethanol:

    the drowned | Sæglópur

    Phobs’ extremely beautiful mermaid comic inspired a lot of Batu and Subutai feelings… I had to draw them! Hope you don’t mind.

  7. supersonicelectronic:

    Eric Fortune’sA Life to Leave.”

    Eric Fortune’s solo show, “A Life to Leave,” is currently showing at LeBasse Projects in Culver City, California. The work presents an erotic display of demanding ability by the hands of Fortune. Fortune’s style, unmistakingly his, is created by use of glazing - a technique that takes months of work for a single piece - resulting in pieces that resemble digital prints but are in fact completely hand painted. The show is Fortune’s largest body of work yet for a single show and will be on display until July 30th. Learn more about LeBasse Projects here.

  8. unknowneditors:

    The always amazing work of Gustav Klimt.

    (Source: cross-connect, via lllea)