1. caitlynkurilich:

    Skyride, Graphite and Digital Media, 10” x 15”, 2013.

    Mixing it up with some ~whimsical~ subject matter.

  2. seventypercentethanol:

    the only girl I ever loved, was born with roses in her eyes

    but then they buried her alive, one evening 1945. [x]

  3. sprias:

    Did two cover illustration type things for fun, both off the title “Spirits of the Air”

    Tried to see how far I could push the concepts away from each other, which was oodles of fun. Also decided I liked the textless version of the second one better.

  4. bethbrownart:

    Constriction Drawing No.2

    Follow Beth Brown on tumblr.

  7. leppu:

    Testing out a new brand of paper, feels gooo ood so far!