2. oneiric-elegance:

    Painting for Jordan Desmarais, the winner of my Facebook contest

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  3. Artist Interviews: Jeannie Phan

    Jeannie Phan is an up-and-coming illustrator known for her brilliant gouache and ink illustrations and handmade zines. Recently graduated from OCAD, Jeannie now lives and works in the city of Toronto, Canada. 

    Check out more of her work on her website, her tumblr, or her twitter.

    Read her interview after the jump.

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  5. maxiquy:

    Here’s three more pages from my graphic novel Apt.41. I’ve done a short interview about the project over at Design Assembly.

  7. sosuperawesome:

    Encyclopedia of Lengendary Monsters, Sigrid Rødli on Tumblr

  8. artmonia:

    Unshaded Travelers | Team GNOO & ZK.

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  10. caitlynkurilich:

    The Explorer’s Menagerie, Graphite and Digital Media, 2012.

    An assignment for my intro class. We had to make a fictional circus. This is based on an explorer who ran out of money and had to call in people he met during his travels to put on a show to help fund his next expedition.